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    new to polaris pwc's

    i am going to buy a 96 SL900 on sunday i have been riding a wake pro215 seedoo that belongs to a friend and i was wondering what kind of quirks i need to know about 2 cycle compared to the 4 cycle seadoo what kind of maintnece should i do on the this when i get it it only had 63 hours on it sorry if i am asking stupid questions but im kinda new to this stumbled across this site looked like u guys knew alot and what can i do to this thing to give some more power with out spending a boat load on it

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Click below, and start reading...

    The SL 900 is already quite fast for its engine and hull size. Ride it for a while before worrying about upgrades.

    The SL 900 will be a different ride than the larger and heavier SeaDoo Wake.

    Even with low hours, at 14 years old it really is more about actual mechanical condition than hours on the meter.

    Don't just jump on it and go riding. It may be just fine, or it could need some attention that if skipped, could cause expensive engine damage in short order.

    Note that sometimes the hour meter spontaneously resets to zero, so you cannot fully rely on the hour meter anyways...

    Take the time to check it over thoroughly. Make sure every bolt and clamp are snug, and verify that the proper maintenance items have in fact been covered. Don't assume the previous owner did everything that needs doing, even if they owned it for years.

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    The 900 was a great engine and ran very well.
    I'd just ride it but if you must do something to Faster
    Air filter, prop, ride plate maybe a little compression and or install a set of 1050 cylinder and heads they bolt on and do some jetting and you will have some more power with out going crazy.

    You can find complete 1050 cylinders with pistons out there but be carfull what you buy beware of cylinders bored to large or on the last over bore.
    Your 900 cylinders can be sleeved to 1050 and cut the head domes to match.

    Good luck

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    The 96 900 is a blast and is plenty fast for most people. I can hit 58-59 on the gps all day. It feels like ur flying with these small hulls

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