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    Boost gauge with a FPR

    Hey guys im looking around not much info about this, has anyone had a boost gauge with a fuel pressure regulator? and how would you go about doing that? Thanks guys

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    if you're using the intercooler blockoff with the multiple ports, use one for the fpr and one for the boost gauge. or if you only have one port on there, you could either drill and tap another port or put on a "t" and do it that way.

    if you're still using the stock intercooler, you can get the vacuum from one of the ports on the manifold.

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    I have one nipple off of my ic block off. if i used a T would it mess up the vacum going to the fpr and how much fuel is needed for the amount of boost im running?

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    if you only have one nipple, you can also tap off the port for each runner on the intake manifold... just have to drill it out first.. there are three tapable ports... i think riva has a set of instructions that shows you how to do it..

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