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    2001 STS 90 No Power

    It has good compression in all 3 (120). Cleaned and inspected carbs. The max speed is 20MPH and 4200 RPM. I know that there is a limiter if the coolant temp is high. I am not getting a warning and the sensor is open which means not hot. All cylinders are firing. It acts like it is running on only 2. Could this be the igniter. I am at a loss. Out of the water it does rev better.

    Any Ideas?

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    2001 STS 900 No Power

    I mean STS 900

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    1. Only 4200 RPM maybe that heat sensor disconnect it.
    2. Will it run better with seat off if so you have an exhaust leak,
    3. Water getting the cylinders? maybe exhaust manifold or head gasket I have seen that before even with good compression.
    4. Ok I know you said carbs are clean but did you put anything in the reed area to keep it clean like a paper towel and leave it in. or maybe the chock or throttle cable is miss adjusted either not getting full throttle or the chock is closed half way.
    5. Have you checked with a timing light that all three cylinders are firing and under load?

    That’s all I can think of on a Friday night i'm getting another beer.
    I will check back letter
    Good luck

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