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    Amsoil injection oil

    What is the recomended amsoil injection oil for the carb 2-strokes and is it a good oil to use. I use Amsoil in my 4-strokes, just wondering how it is in the 2-strokes. Thanks

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    Amsoil works

    Go with the AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR I have used if for years I put it in my MSX 140 when it was new in 2003 and got 310 hours on the ski winter of 2008 I thought it would be a good time to rebuild the engine or at least take it apart and inspect it There was nothing wrong with it compression was standard and all the main bearings where is great shape pistons had almost no wear, cylinder where cherry.
    So I took that crank and cylinders put them in a set of good cases with new pistons and now I have a spare engine in a box for later.
    I installed a brand new crank, new cylinders that I have had for a few years along with SPI pistons now I have 130 hours on the new rebuild I switched to AMSOIL DOMINATOR witch is a even better oil because I wanted 1 oil for all my watercraft Including my MATRIX and I bet I will see 500 hours and im running it throw the oil injector.
    THE OIL WORKS!!!!!

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