Catchy title right? Lots of 1 and 0's

Anyway, I did all my service stuff on my VX and learned through experience there and am doing the same with my SHO.

10 hour was completed tonight and had some additional questions I couldn't get a complete answer through the search function.

Plugs....removed, inspected, cleaned, gap checked, anti seize added and returned no problems. Anyone in the past seen more than normal fouling or gap change at their initial 10 hour service. Mine were good, but just a curiosity. My VX seemed to dirty plugs up quit easy.

Intermediate Bearing was lubed. I have a 14oz standard grease gun and just swagged it with 33 pumps for 33grams worth as discussed here previously. Question is if can there be too much of a good thing if I was actually putting out more than a gram a pump?

On the nozzle, the left to right steering is tight and in specs but there is some place up and down as it sits on the delta ring of the trim. Is the play up and down acceptable? The actual limits of the trim itself are in specs. I can find no loose connections/linkages and was like this when I received the ski from the dealer. I just didn't think to ask about it until looking at it several riding hours into ownership.

Those were my only nagging questions and for an observation about the oil change.

While discussed ad nauseam, I see people are having trouble getting oil extracted, but I extracted 3.7ish liters of oil after cleaning the ski up after a ride today. So that seems opposite of most questions here. Like on my MR-1 engine I just replaced what I took out as I knew it was good before the change, but thought it strange. Should I be concerned?