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    hey guys... do you think skiing in 65 degree weather and 58 degree water is too cold? what type of gear should I wear?

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    get a wet suit

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    what type and how thick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brad148405 View Post
    what type and how thick?
    How sensitive are you to cold?

    I would be wearing a full length 3-5mm thick neoprene riding wetsuit, and possibly a riding jacket over top. Riding booties and gloves.

    In bright colors, not black. Black is harder to see when you are in the water.

    Wetsuit balaclava/hood to keep my ears warm, and riding glasses or goggles.

    Not only do you want to be warm while riding, you need protection in case of a fall into the water. Cold shock can take the wind right out of you. Injury can make it difficult or impossible for you to re-board by yourself.

    Ride with another PWC or boat. Plan for trouble - but don't have any.

    Lots of good info in the High Performance Watercraft Safety forum, and General Discussions.

    Search, read, learn, be safe

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    full wetsuit & booties & you will be good to go

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