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    Question Need better performance 1992 GTS

    I have a 1992 Seadoo GTS with a Rotax 580. I can only get about 35 mph out of it. Is that normal? What can I do to get more speed? Ski is in great shape and I don't want to sell it.

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    What RPM are you turning at that speed.

    It may be that it should be faster than that but I would not expect it to be too much over 40 if that.

    You could do some things to make it faster but it would still not be fast, if you know what I mean.

    If you wanted to mess around with swapping to a larger engine or something like that you may get it up some (ie, put a 717 in it).

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    It does not have a tach so I don't know the rpm. Will a larger engine bolt right in? Would I have to change the pump? Would changing the impeller and wear ring increase the speed?

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    It is not that simple. I am not sure if a 580's electronics will work with a 717's magneto so it may need more than the engine.

    They pretty much mount the same, but there may be some differences due to the three year minimum difference between them (717s were introduced in '95).

    If you want to try to do any kind of tuning (to stock form or otherwise) you need to get a Tiny Tach so you know what the Rs are.

    As to the ring and prop, if they are damaged they need to changed.

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