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    97 gp 1200 no spark?

    So I was speed testing my ski trying to finally break the 60 mark and the conditions were perfect,glass water, no wind.. I had just adjusted my low speed carb screws and the down low acceleration was great as well as the highspeed performance. So as soon as the gps hits 58 the ski just dies and will not start(cranks but wont fire). I got a tow back in, and did a compression check, 120 across, thank goodness, although the plugs were white which Ive never seen before(normally black and oily). So did a spark test and saw I had no spark at all.. any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    check trigger coil continutiy

    if you have no spark on any plug, check the power to the CDI first..connector may have unplugged in the electric box...once you have that open you can confirm trigger coil continuity also. But odds on all three crapping at once are slim.

    might as well start with kill switch circuit..your most likely suspect.

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