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    99 XLT PV

    Ok guys I got a 99 XLT for super cheap. It did not start when I first bought it. I bought a new battery and it cranked real strong but would not fire. I talked to the local shop who told me to pour a little gas in each cylinder and if it fired that my carbs were junk and needed to be rebuilt. So, I did it and it worked. I was so excited I took it to the lake. I was able to ride a coulpe of times for about 10hrs total. Then the day came when all of the sudden the ski died while riding. An alarm sounded and it did not want to crank at first. After letting it sit for 5min or so it would crank and run for a few min. at low rpm but when I tried to open it up the same thing would happen. Finally, got back to the dock and rann it for 5min at low rpm thinking it might free up. When it did not I ran it by the shop and the tech pulled the plugs revealing that the third cylinder was siezed. When I bought the ski there was some oil in the bottom but the level never increased at all.

    None of the oil lines were off. When I got into the top end the #3 piston/cylinder were junk(see pics). From reading the post I understand that metal my have gotten into the bottom of the block. I can not see any visualy but, there is a little sludge at the bottom.

    My questions:
    Could a junked carb cause this much damage?

    Can I get away with just rebuilding the carbs and replacing the #3 cylinder/piston/head?

    From my estimates if I do the repairs I will be doubling my investment. Will it be worth it or should I just part it out and recover what I have already invested?

    Any information or advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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    Here are the pics

    Here are the pics
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    Looks to me like you had a heat-seize. The jet ski is running too lean, which is why the cylinder is scorched. If you rebuild the carbs, run it mix, or richen up the fuel mixture. I think it was definately the carbs!

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    What color is the tops of the other 2 pistons? Is there any wash?

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