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    please help polaris sl700

    1996 polaris sl 700

    Hi, today I forgot to put the drain plug in. I realized once there was alot of water in the engine compartment (the engine was off when the water was entering). It wasn't above th carb so i dont think that it went into the engine. After draining all the water out, I took it for a spin and right away the alarm started ringing.

    What happened?

    Is it the temp sensor or low oil sensor?

    The alarm, sounded to fade in and out.

    Could I have messed something up by filling the engine compartmant with water??

    I was thinking that maybe when I beached the pwc I got junk in the intake grate???

    It starts right up and still goes fast.

    Please help. I don't know what to do.

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    Open the electrical box. Any water inside? Dry it out.

    Check the Tan temp sensor wire. It might still be wet at the sensor. Dry it out too.

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    I just checked and opened it up. There was some water. I have the hair dryer in ot now. I also used so alchohol to try and dry it up. Could this bee the reason why the alarm was ringing? I totally forgot to check until you asked me. Thank you. Could I have meesed something else up.

    Thanks again!!!

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    The warning system pretty much uses the ground to activate. When you have water where it should not be,that is a direct connection to ground.

    I'd be confident that dryng out the pwc will be good. Leave the seat off when possible.

    Get some dielectric grease to cover the terminals that have been cleaned off,in order to protect them from corosion.

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    hi, thanks for the replies. I dried everything and the alarm is off. Thanks

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