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Thread: 66V Motor parts

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    66V Motor parts

    I have 1 set of 66V cases. The bottom case is fine, the top case cracked at the front exhaust mount.

    Also have a low hour 66V Motor that dropped the #1 cylinder. The cylinder and piston have damage / scoring. Comes with a brand new JIMS head. Motor dropped #1 literally 15 mins after head was on. The head also sustained damage to #1 Cylinder. #2 and #3 cylinders and pistons still look great. I can sell complete as it is, or part it out.

    IR Modded Carbs off of the above motor.


    I will sell the entire ski which will be listed in SKIS for sale shortly.


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    #3 Cyl and piston? Crank?

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    Would u part it out?if so how much for one good cylinder and the starter.. Pm me thanks

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    I will start breaking the motor apart if enough folks need parts.


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    OK, I am going to split everything up.

    Bottom end (50 HRS) = assembled Cases, Crank, Rods, stator and cover , starter . $500

    Cylinder #2 and #3 in great shape with stock pistons and power valves. $250 Each

    Cylinder #1 with scoring and marks on the ports. $75

    IR Modded Carbs with primers and Chokes removed $350

    JIMS head 15 mins rune time. Salvageable damage to #1. $50

    Other set of cases. Top is cracked as described earlier , bottom is fine. $100

    These prices do not include shipping. I will post pics soon.

    LOTS of other parts guy, so hit me up!


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    How much do u want for one good cylinder without piston and the starter?

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    Can you post picks of carbs? Will you sell d/f prop? Have a modded jims plate? Im interested in these items.......... Pm if you have for sale and pics

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    Hull is spoken for.

    Carbs pending sale.

    Make offers guys, I'm willing to deal on this stuff.. Project fund


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    pm on 50 hour case assembly and head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thirdgen327 View Post
    Carbs pending sale.

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