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    Water intrusion in pump

    I've had my RXDI for a year now. Right before I bought it the previous owner took it to a supposed Seadoo dealer and had the impeller and wear ring replaced. Looking at the receipt the oil seal was replaced at that time. Pulled it apart a few minutes ago to change out the oil and found water. What I noticed upon taking it apart was that the bolts to the cone had no loctite applied to them (they were tight) and there was no 518 gasket maker applied to the o-ring. It clearly states to use 518 on the o-ring and a medium duty loctite on the bolts to the cone. Can water get drawn in even if the o-ring appears to be in good shape if the gasket maker is not applied? Since the oil seal was replaced with the impeller I'm considering servicing and installing the cone properly this time then re inspect for water after a few rides to see if that cures it. Anyway, just looking for some opinions if I'm on the right track. Thanks

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    Who really knows do what they said to do in the manual and check the pump oil after an outing if there is water you need to do a seal and 518. The shaft can also be grooved and allowing water in or the oring that seals the shaft at the impeller end. I think that model has an oring on the shaft were the impeller goes on to seal the sleeve.

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