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    RXP getting bilge pump code

    I just bought a used '05 RXP this week after a short test ride without any issues. I rode for another ~30 or so minutes that day without issue and then several hours yesterday (one long beep 20 min in but no codes), but at the end of the day I got MAINT and had a code P-1660. Code came on with ~44hrs on ski After searching here I found the code is:

    P1660 Bilge pump shorted to ground or open circuit

    I looked and there isn't a bilge pump that I can see installed at all. Also that long beep at just around 30 minutes seems to be the compass warning. Could these both be related to features (possibly features of the GTX?) turned on in MPEM but not on the RXP? And just a quick fix from the dealer fixing through BUDS?

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    Yep... your ECU is lost in GTX mode, and needs to be reset with BUDS. Has the battery been disconnected for a while??? You are correct... the RXP doesn't have a factory installed bilge pump.

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