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Thread: Lo PWR Flashing

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    Lo PWR Flashing

    Hey everyone i'm very new to the pwc sport just bought an oldy...1996 polaris SLX780 had it out today every seems to go alright just the mini cluster keeps flashing low power i beleive and the speedo isn't working... Any ideas? the guy i bought it from put a new battery in it. The electrical box on top of the batter has a reset button on it .. What does this do? Any advice would be great..... Also what should i be reving at and how fast should it be going?

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    Grab yourself a multimeter and check the battery. Even though the guy you bought it off told you it is new, best check for yourself. LOPR warning occurs when your battery voltage drop to below 10.9 volts or so.

    Are you noticing any hesitation when turning the engine?

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    No hesitation and battery has tested ok.. going to try to recalbrate mfd then check the unit itself .. thanks for the help

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