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    2007 f12x self diagnostic plug procedure

    Hey guys i have a shop manual for the 02 up but it doesnt really tell about the 07 f12X that i have to work on. The 07 is throwing the f1 code and i know my turbo and waste gate are working properly. From what i see the 07 has a four prong jumper plug? How do you jump the plug to read the codes? I can do it for an 02-04 but dont know for sure on the 07. Are the error codes the same on the 07 as would be on the 02? Any help appreciated. Thanks

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    I saw nitro has posted about the plug and i use the brown ,and green and black wire. Now all i need to know are the error codes still the same. The ski has error codes in order 8,10,12,7. Will the 7 be the most recent error code? Thanks Tim

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    yes. 7 is last but,....

    If you can. always clear the codes and see which come back. This will be your best indicator of trouble.

    Codes are the same.


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    Cant get it to reset

    Thanks Shawn, i am trying to reset the codes but am having no luck. I hook up the jumper then put the lanyard on the ski. The ski powers up and sits still then it starts flashing f1 and the buzzer go off forever. I counted the blinks and it was well over 50 so i pulled the lanyard back off. During that time i tried doing what the book said about removing the jumper and then putting it back but it doesnt have any effect. I then let it sit and go to hook the jumper up and read the codes again to see if i cleared it but the same codes come back up so i know i havent got it reset. What am i doing wrong? Thanks Tim

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    A little history

    A little history on the ski, it has been in salt water and has sat about a year. The main problem was the waste gate was frozen and would not open and close. I have changed the wastegate and checked the actuator and it is working properly at 8 or so psi. Now comes the electrical and switches which are always fun. Thanks for any help Tim

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    clear codes 2003 F12x

    I try to clear the codes for my 2003 F12x like the service manual said but do not clear.

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    If the procedure below does not reset your ECU then I would "guess" the ECU is defective. Be sure to check all connections to it and sensors before jumping to this conclusion.



    Procedure with SCS service connector

    1. Remove the seats .
    2. Short the data link connector (DLC) terminals
    using a special too or wire jumper.
    3. Fit the safety lanyard clip to the base of the
    engine stop switch
    4. Remove the special tool from the DLC.

    5. The MIL and warning light lights about 5 seconds.

    While the MIL and warning light lights, connect
    the DLC terminals again with the special tool.
    The self-diagnostic memory is erased, if the MIL
    and warning light goes off and starts blinking.
    • The data link connector (DLC) must be jumped
    while the MIL and warning light lights. If not, the
    MIL and warning light will not start blinking.
    • Note that the self-diagnostic memory cannot be
    erased if you pull the safety lanyard clip off of the
    engine stop switch before the MIL and warning
    light starts blinking.

    If the MIL and warning light blinks 33 times, the
    diagnostic memory has not been erased.

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    no reset

    Yeah i did that exactly to the T. I am jumping the brown wire and the green with black stripe wire. I can read the codes but cant get the reset. When i hook the lanyard to the ski with the wire on it does nothing for about three seconds then it goes to beeping and flashing f1 just as if it was reading out a code but it does it infinitely i counted all the way to 50 and pulled the lanyard. At no point can i get the light and f1 to light constantly for five seconds, so i can remove the jumper. I have a 2005 f12x i am going to take the ECU out and hook it to this ski. Any issues with trading the computers? Thanks Tim

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    I got the computer reset. My problem was i was waiting till the fi and mill light was blinking. I didnt know you had to remove the jumper wire and put it back all while the gauges are powering up. Once i figured out you have to do it really fast i got it no problem. Now i test rode the ski again and i have 7 and then 8 blinks. I will be changing the ect and then the tp sensor. Hopefully that is all my problem.

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