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    What do yall think my slt 780 is worth

    i have a 96 slt 780 and it has a bad stator and dont know if i want to tackle the project myself or pay a shop to do it. My question is what do yall think i could bring in for this its in immaculate condition had around 100 hours on it, hot seat exhaust, just the stator went out last summer and dont even have time to ride sits on an all aluminum featherlite trailer you can lift with one hand when the ski is off dont know if thats worth much more but figured id include gonna try and get some photos on if i can

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    Photo link not working for me

    Are you sure it is the stator that has failed?

    Was the engine oil fogged and winterized?

    I don't know the pricing in your local market for similar age and size PWC.

    It pains me to say so, but you may find that there is more value in parting out the ski and selling the trailer separately.

    A good condition engine has value, even if the stator is bad.

    So does the MFD display, if it is working. And the CDI, the jet pump stator, the impeller...
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    Fix the stator and ride the darn thing. make time to ride! It's not that hard to replace. we will help ya.

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