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    can someone break down the 15 19, 15 20, and a 15 22 new to impellers. want to get the correct one or two for my needs

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    need more info....

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    06 rxp
    guted water box
    thru hull - the res.
    x chager
    4" intake
    pump wedge
    jet draft s3

    wanting what it means a genral break down of what thay will do for me

    I drag race in 1/4 mile and ride with friends
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    The first number is the leading edge/top of the blade's....pitch. the second number is the trailing edge's/bottom of the blade's pitch. A 15/19 grabs more water than a 14/19.

    A 15/19 grabs the same amount of water as a 15/20. The 15/20 however moves the water along you'd have a greater top speed.

    Over all, the steeper the prop the more ponies it'll require to spin at the maximun rpm/power band for your set-up.

    If you're gonna drag and ride for should consider gettting an adjustable nozzle....larger rings for holeshot...tighter rings for higher top speed.

    I don't believe with your set-up you could twist a 15/22.

    You haven't mentioned a 3blade...skat makes the 3 bladed for holeshot...closed course....type impellers.

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