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    Rebuilt Injectors

    I have an old 02 GTX 4Tec 160 hours. IT has a restart problem after it gets warmed up its hard to restart. I think the injectors may be leaking while it sits. I dont want to pay 120 ea for injectors. I Can get rebuilt ones for as low as 35 with a core of 15. The Question is does anyone know what size the 155 uses and maybe a part number. I replaced the Idle control motor and it idles at 1750 now but its still hard to start when its warm and set for 20 minutes. Starts right up if shut off and restarted. Wouldn't do that before the idle control was changed. Its scary out in the middle of nowhere and it wont start on the fist few tries. Oh its been sunk 3 times in saltwater I know of.

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    What about a set of used ones, you should be able to find a set for a good price!

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    Thanks for the reply I have found some on Ebay with the fuel rail since I posted and I think that may be the alternative. Thanks. Its very hard to get the right search phrase but when you do there is tons of 4tec stuff on there

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    i second the just get a set of low hour stock ones ....nost uf us have a set of 38 in our tool boxes

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