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    3 Blade Or 4 Blade Impeller

    2003 GTX SC
    Just Want Some Input On Impellers. Im Running Skat 3 Blade 16/21-1/2 Now But Im Reading That Most Guys Are Running 4 Blade. I tried To Run Rivas 13/20R But I Lost 500 R,s Ran 61. Rive Anounces That It Would Run Close To 67 With That Prop With Complete Stage 1. But I Think I Was Having sc Cluth Problems Not Known At Time Sent Prop Back Went Back To Skat And Ran 65 @ 7560. Now That Clutch Problem Is Being Upgraded And Adding Riva SC Impeller Thinking About Trying To Run 4 Blade Again. Any Ideas On Who's Prop And What Pitch? Also Was Told Taking Off Nose Cone Can Give You .5 mph I Know Thats A NO NO In Salt Water But Im Riding In Fresh Whats You Opinions?

    2003 gtx sc
    Rive Air Intake
    Rive Intake Grate
    2.5 Degree Wedge
    Reverse Bucket Mod
    Skat 16/21-1/2
    O.P.A.S Block Off's
    Ride Holes Filled
    Adding Riva sc Impeller
    Running 65-66 gps
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    Welcome to the forum bayline!:
    I`m also using the skat swirl 16\21 (not the 21.5 though) and like it. I to am looking into a four blade for it just to try something else.
    I can say I get a little cavatation with the three blade that I didn`t get with the four, under certain conditions.

    I think we gained alittle top end on the GTX`s bc of the 3 blade...
    I`m going 67.8 average and up to 69.1 when conditions are ideal turning 8100R`s...PR...

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    Thank You Pale Rider
    I Put The Solas 13/20R On About A Month Ago And Lost R's But I Think My SC Clutch Has Been On The Blink For Awhile And I Didn't Know Anything About It ( New To Me) So Guess Im Looking For Someone With A GTX That Is Running A Four Blade And What Pitch There Running. I Would Hate To Buy Back That Solas 13/20R And I Loose R's Again And Keep Playing Prop Tag. I Had The 16/20 On And Ran 7640 So I Sent It In And Had Them Pitch It Up 1/2 Ran Another 1mph Now 65 And High 66.1. You Are Right Though NowIm Just Wondering And I Can't Get It Off My Mind. Remember I Have The 03 No IC My Rev Limiter Hits 7680

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    I've been running the Skat 16/21 for a couple years now as well and have ben real happy with it. I have always been curious to try a 13/20R but not enough to spend the $ for an experiment.

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