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    VTS - What are its uses?

    I was wondering if anyone would care to point out some uses of VTS. For example, when do you and don't you use it? What situations prompt you to raise or lower VTS? Does pulling a skier matter? How about a tube? Docking and/or launching?

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    trim it more down if your in choppy water and it wont be so bouncy, trim it more up to gain some more speed in flat water. I found on my XP that trimming it all the way down was more fun for doing spins and stuff of that sort, and trimming it up all the way was easier to jump it. I am not completely sure on an RXP though.

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    some skis are different results but the point is the same.
    When pulling a skier or having a passenger, I trim it down to get to plane then I trim up.
    If I trim up when having a passenger or pulling a skier, looks like my ski is heading for the sky.

    I found that on my XPL the best spot is about halfway, too high and I lose speed. too low and I will be plowing.

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    Good stuff, thanks guys. I've noticed when docking that trim definitely has a factor in your idling speed. Meaning trimming down seems to not push you as fast at idle. I'm not sure if it makes a difference using the reverse bucket though.

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