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    Broken Gauge Cluster. warranty Coverage?

    I went out for a ride today, Looked down for a second about an hour into the ride and saw the my gauge cluster had broken off

    ALL four tabs that hold the cluster in broke off! How thats possible I don't know??

    Would this be covered under my warranty? Should it be?? I dont want my dealer tell me its not if it really should be.

    Here are the pics:


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    Quote Originally Posted by nicjak View Post
    Yeah, my thoughts too!

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    wow, thats a new one. I dont see how they would not cover that. If they say you were riding in rough water and broke it,tell em that is the only reason you bought an ultra!

    p.s. look down at my quote:

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    thats not what i was expecting... You havnt hit it on anything? Good luck with the fix.

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    They should cover it , its what is refered to as a manufacture defect in workmanship. Any decent dealer will see this and know it couldn't be anything but that.

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    be ready to politely insist that it's covered, as long as ther isn't a mark on the faceplate. They could say you leaned on it and tell you to pound sand.

    I'd start sniffing around for other simialr incidents.I don't know what state these skis are an when they come out of the crate, somebody might have tweeked the bolts too tight during a prep fracturing the plastic, but the plain fact they broke indicates to me that the console is a poorly designed bit.

    I wou;dn't expect you to do a face plant on it and have it break away to save a few teeth.

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    So I took it to my dealer tonight and he looked at it and was amazed. said he has never seen that before. He said he has to contact kawasaki and will let me know tommaorw. He said he was going to push for a new cluster and most likley kawasaki should cover it. he wrote up on the slip that there was no impact on the cluster so that should help. I guess I will find out tom. fingers crossed

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    I really think Kawi will cover it, Just my humble opinion. Good luck! Let us know please

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    Well, got the call from the dealer today. Kawasaki is going to honer it under warranty. New cluster should be here Friday.

    I am happy!

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