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    Polaris International Models - Differences?

    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone help out and explain the differences between the standard and international model polaris pwc's? I heard that international models shipped with a different engine fogging system, but looking at the parts diagrams I can't really find any differences. Any insight would be appreciated, I'm about to start burning, I mean investing some cash in my project and want to make sure I get the right bits for my model (which I assume is 785 Pro Intl).

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    I honestly don't know what the differences are.

    Maybe Ph20craft, Randy, Art, or Jay can help on this one?

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    As far As I can remember, the international models had a small oil tank and a primer plunger to put oil to all cylinders after each ride. Kind of like a mini fogging. I asked our service rep about this once. He said that most international boats are ridden in salt water and the fogger was there to keep the inside of the engines alive a little bit longer.

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