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Thread: 2005 RXP help!

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    2005 RXP help!

    Hey guys,

    This is my first post on this forum, so im hoping its all in the right places and stuff.

    I have a little problem with my 2005 RXP i just bought.

    Took it out on the Dam today, ran fine for a good 2 hours, idling for a couple of minutes and went to take off again, then splutter splutter, engine turned off, tried to start again, started for about 2 seconds then died. since then ive been trying to start it and the motor just makes a tick noise.
    Im guessing its the battery as when i hit start, it ticks, then everything on the dash turns off and on again. Although the reason im thinking it cant be is becasue it turned off while it was running.
    Cant see it has sucked up anything, it has done 101 hours, just had the 100hr service done 3 hours ago, supercharger got rebuilt recently aswell, no water in oil, no errors (press set 5 times and "END" comes up).
    Checked the battery, it has 11.9 Volts and when i hit start it ticks and drops to about 8.

    any help would be great


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    I pew pew lazors
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    I'm not an expert on these things but it definitely sounds battery related.

    What you're experiencing is voltage droop. Every battery will experience this but how much is the question. I think "normal" is in the 10ths of a voltage. i.e. .1v or .2v and you're seeing almost 4v difference in voltage.

    Check the terminals, cables, relays, etc. Sorry that I couldn't provide more areas to check. I'm sure someone else on this forum has a better understanding of the starter system on these things. I was just trying to diagnose the symptoms as if it was a car. lol

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    check the red wire that goes from your battery to the solonoid it might be loose!

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    yer mate checked all the wires... cant find anything loose

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    Have a bud with a battery you could borrow?

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    Ok so took it into the shop today, pulled the plugs out, number 3 plug is bent to the shithouse.
    Unluckily this means it's pobably dropped an exhaust valve.
    Which in turn means time for a rebuild =( bit sad seeing as I've only had it for a couple of days. Thanks anyway guys

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    Yeah mate sorry to hear but it is very common on 04-05 motors and these things are starting to get on with age now so anyone out there with this year ski i would be seriously looking at replacing those exhaust valves ASAP.

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