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    Good price on damaged ski?

    I'm looking at a 1200xl limited in a couple of days and wondered what you guys thought, is it a deal or a dud.

    The guy wants $800 without trailer and there's a problem with one cylinder that has low compression. Apparently they have already done rings on it and something went wrong, not sure what yet but is selling it as a damaged engine (doesn't want to mess with it anymore).

    The engine labor is no big deal for me, im just not sure what potential money problems I could be running into on repairing that cylinder or rebuilding the whole thing.

    Would it be worth the $800 + engine repair = Total cost? I see that blue book is only $2750 if its in good/running condition... might be a gamble I don't know.

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    Worst case scenario, you could part it out and make money--assuming it's in good overall condition.

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    i would, you could potentially have a nice running ski for under 1300

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    Grab it, they dont get much cheaper than that.

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    Its worth more then that in parts. But i would fix it. then enjoy it for a season. Then sell it for about $2500

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