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    1200r cylinder question?

    I need some enlightenment please.

    These Lowell cylinders are sleeved right??

    Can sleeved cylinders be bored to 84 mm? or should I just get some proX 80.5 mm and call it a day. I'm just trying to put together a carbed, single pipe, stock 1200 or 1300 together so I can get back on the water this summer.

    I'm also planning on buying his head, cases, pv's, and advent.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated, as would a money tree or sizable donations so I could buy Phillips 1530.

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    I think the real question for you would be to ask which cylinders would generate the most Hp, these ported 1200 cylinders that you will have to invest money into, or to get some stock Non PV 1300 cylinders that you could just bolt on and not deal with the headache (and cost) of power valves? If you get the 1300 cylinders, you will probably have to rework the head along with a new head gasket (this should figure into the decision).

    In other words which possiblity is the best bang for the buck?

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    Mike, those cyls look like they need work. those aren't a slap together......

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    I know Frank, but I give up. Trying to find a good set of cases and cylinders is diving me crazy!

    I'm either a day late or a dollar short on finding good parts. I just want a good running "stocker" for riding the lake st clair this year. A set-it-and-forget-it, 87 octane, 65' viking wake jumper.

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    A lot a sleeves can be bored to 84mm. But looking at the pics, those
    have very thin sleeves and probably cannot be run safely. There
    won't be much much left for sure. The main problem on a thin sleeve, if
    you seize a piston it normally cracks the sleeve.
    Finding a stock 1300 setup is a great idea, there are a few 1200 motors being parted out here too, so it shouldn't be much of a problem building a
    motor from spare parts.

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