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    help please guys fzs r&d ride plate

    i have fitted a r&d ride plate but the speedo will not pick up right only now and again will it reed right up to about 30mph then goes back to 0
    i hade no instuctions with this ride plate are they supposed to come with shims ?

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    Just write off the speedo. All the aftermarket plates have that effect. There's a work-around to regain the stock speedo (inaccurate though it is) functionality, but it's more accurate, cheaper and easier to buy a GPS to monitor your speed.

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    My speedo was not accurate from the factory. Changed the position of the plate with shims and it was even less accurate.

    If you want to know how fast you are going, mount a GPS. I use my GPS when I want to do speed runs and I also checked to see what 10 mph is at on the tach as I go through a limited-speed lake to get to another unlimited speed lake.

    For the record, my stock (modded by Jim) ride plate is epoxied where the pickup is and the wire is cut.

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    I have exactly the same problem with my sho and a R&D plate fitted. i have shimmed the rear to keep the plate flush. should i remove this. is there a fix for the speedo problem. can anyone help.

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    I had the same problem on my 04 FXHO with the addition of the R&D plate. I put 2 washers between the sensor and the pate in the front (the front 2 mounting sensor bolts 2 washers under each) brought me back to pre- R&D reading. I would read 30-36 @ WOT,and fluctuate all over the place.Pretty much reading at stock plate #'s now.

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    exactly ignore it: they call them deamometers for a reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gpr717 View Post
    exactly ignore it: they call them deamometers for a reason.

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    just disconnect it and zip tie it away

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    You might have it in backwards....

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