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    Oil Cap Gasket MIA

    Ive noticed that the oil has been coming out from around the oil cap, leaking from where the ski is thrown around on the sea

    I looked inside the cap and it looks like there should be some kind of gasket there

    So i looked on the Polaris parts listings (Im learning K447) and found that part 7 is missing

    Can i make this part out of a bit of rubber or use a O ring for it?? maybe even some sort of foam ring


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    You can get rubber gasket material at a home/hardware store. Look in the plumbing section - usually in 5" x 5" sheets, red or black. I know Home Depot and Lowes sell it. Use a socket or something round that has the right diameters and cut around them.

    Edit: Didn't see your location - I'm guessing you don't have Home Depot or Lowes there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliffy View Post
    ...Can i make this part out of a bit of rubber or use a O ring for it?...
    You can certainly make your own.

    Just use a material that won't degrade with constant exposure to oil. Material that is rated for gasoline should work fine.

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    Cheers guys, I'll try my local motor shop b4 I go DIY style

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    your local tractor store should have loads of rings that will fit that ,

    honestly if it got it tight it should not matter ,

    rubber sheets will work as well

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    I might have one on my sl. let me go by there n look later on today.. i just grabbed the cap. the ring is still there probably. didnt even think to grab that too.

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