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    Strong gasoline odour on RXT

    It was my first year with a seadoo,and winterized it as per seadoo dealer instructions,it is garage stored,and drain plugs were left open,but seat and tarp were in place.I went to put in the battery today and the gasoline odour in the engine comparment was very strong......its probably just the effect of having it sit for 6 plus months ...but wanted to err on the side of other seadoo owners that have their seadoo sit for the winter notice same gas smell?

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    What year RXT? My 08 RXPX had a small hairline crack in the plastic at the fuel pump/sender unit on the top part near where the electrical connector is.

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    it's a 2007

    I'll have a closer inspection of it .....thanks

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    Definitely get it checked out; you don't wanna end up like this:

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    Not something to mess around with. Make sure you are opening the seats up to let everything air out.

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    I recall

    seeing a sticker on some yamahas indicating that the seat should be removed when fueling. Stickers like this just don't get placed..there is typically a great reason. As with Seadoos "don't boost battery when installed" and the more infamous "vagina" sticker on some yamahas.

    My educated guess is that the tank venting system has failed, perhaps due to an insect nesting in the vent hose outlet hole, I've had a few instances of pissers being inhabited by mud daubers wasps attempting to move in to a new home. That stuff dries rock hard and isn't easily dislodged

    all said and done you want without fail to perform a pressure test on the fuel system to be 100% sure it han hold 3-5 psi ( or whatever the specific spec says for at least 5 minutes)

    A thimble full of gas evaporating in an enclose space can make quite a bang if ignited. Most folks underestimate fuel vapor, I still see plenty of folks on cellphones and filling plastic fuel containers in the backs of trucks, even with large stickers near the pumps warning about those specific things

    That was a frightening news story. Obvious that the was a spark inside the hull wne the kill switch was pulled.

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