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    Time Running Out On Stand-Ups?

    There's a good chance that 2011 may mark the end of the stand-up era, at least from Yamaha and Kawasaki. Here's why...

    Time Running Out On Stand-up PWC?

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    Two words. Direct Injection. That is the only thing that will save the 2stroke machine

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    Evinrude E-tec already proved there 2 stroke outboard direct inject is cleaner and more powerfull then the leading four stroke outboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captainoverspray View Post
    Two words. Direct Injection.

    That is the only thing that will save the 2stroke machine
    Would Kawasaki and/or Yamaha actually make the effort to switch to DI just for stand-up production?

    The BRP E-Tec system certainly could do the job, if the corporate will was there to do so.

    Polaris was the last PWC brand to use Direct Cylinder Fuel Injection, and even had a two cylinder 777cc version (sit down PWC) up until 2004.

    The DI fuel pump might need some re-design to handle the hull gymnastics without dropping fuel pressure, and oil tank with injection would be required. No pre-mixing of oil with DI engines, oil must be injected separately.

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