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    polaris virage txi starts then dies

    bought the ski had a bendix out replaced now tried to fire it over and it starts then dies right away anyone help me please

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    What diagnostics have you done so far?


    Fuel pressure?

    Red/White wire injector voltage during cranking, and while running?
    (All injectors must remain plugged in)

    If you continue to hold the start button down after it starts, does it keep running until you release?
    (Don't do this for a long time, just long enough to determine if it stays running while Start button is held down)

    You can try by-passing the Start/Stop module. On your model, I think it is in the electrical box.

    Report the results of the other checks, and then if necessary I can tell you how to by-pass the Start/Stop module for testing.

    Polaris Ficht Fuel Injected Engines

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