Hey guys, I need more speed lol, so i am in the process of selling my 01 GP800R for a 1200GPR. I am happy with the feel of the gpr hull & am gonna stick with the yami in that respect.
I do a fair bit of wavejumping and also just the odd cruising around with the family on dams etc.
My 800 has been great in regards to problems, i havent once had any hiccups so im kinda hesitant to let the baby toy go but i want more power so it has to be done.
I have a few 1200's lined up but am yet to fixically see them yet personally. Im more concerned about buying a ski that turns our to be a dud or have a dud engine. Most of the skis have been either rebuilt in a shop or by the owner themselves.
Just want to know what signs to look for when i view the skis. I have been asking what the comp test readings have been & i will prob do a quick one when i view the ski also just for piece of mind among the normal things, checking linkages, hull cond, prop & nozzle, starting eng & running it for a while etc etc.....
Is there anything else i should look out for?