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    Cool To have or not to have an Anti-Cavitation Cone


    I have a GP1300R 2006 with stage 1 from Riva and from R&D the Auto Trim Nozzle, the Pro Series Head Kit and the Anti-Cavitation Cone. I also have the VForce 3 Reed Valve from Moto Tassinari.

    Last week I have removed the R&D Anti-Cavitation Cone and put back the stock one. I have lost about 1 to 1.5 miles after testing it wilt the GPS (with Lowrance GPS IFINDER H2O-C).

    Even thou I was advise to remove the Anti-Cavitation Cone, I am now thinking to put it back.

    I would like to have some opinions please

    RIVA Power Filter
    RIVA E.F.I. Control
    RIVA D-plate
    RIVA Free Flow Exhaust
    RIVA Pump Seal Kit
    RIVA Intake Grate
    RIVA Performance Ride Plate
    RIVA Performance Trim Tabs
    RIVA Adjustable Sponsons
    R&D Anti-Cavitation Cone
    R&D Pro Series Head Kit
    R&D Auto Trim Nozzle
    Solas DynaFly Impeller 14/20
    Moto Tassinari VForce 3 Reed Valve
    PET-2100DX Tachometer
    Lowrance GPS IFINDER H2O-C
    100 Octane fuel
    Castrol TTS 100% synthetic oil

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    The anti cavitation cone increases thrust velocity on the top end because it decreases the total volume in the venturi i.e. it makes the venturi smaller. A smaller venturi must increase water pressure and therefore exit velocity to move the same amount of water in a given amount of time. Higher exit velocity = higher top end.

    The hole shot is different. You must move a lot of water volume for a good hole shot. You do this in two ways. You get a bigger engine, or you increase the venturi water volume by using a smaller cone. In this scenario, you would loose water pressure, but gain in exit water volume. The venturi really does act like a transmission.... a high and low gear. Unfortunately, we only have 1 gear. Which one do you prefer? With your set up(s) you get (theoriticly) get one or the other.

    You really ought to check out Wet Wolf's "Adjust a Thrust". It allows you to manipulate water volume and pressure to get bottom AND top. I have one. It performs as advertised.

    This is all assumeing that you put your Auto drop nozzle on properly. They will scrub speed if not put on properly and are known for this problem.

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    This is all assumeing that you put your Auto drop nozzle on properly. They will scrub speed if not put on properly and are known for this problem.[/QUOTE]

    Can you explain what the right and wrong way are and how they can scrub of speed??

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    It is more of an adjustment problem then an installation one. My bad!!.. The side to side adjustment pulls the swing (turn) bucket nozzle to a down angle to help in the turns. Adjust it to much to the left or right (with the turn cable) and your bow will be pushed down in a normal straight run. If the side to side adjustment on the nozzle is to tight, then it will have a tendency to want to force the nozzle down to soon which will also slow you down.

    Adjust the up/down adjustment (on the nozzle) to low and you will also force the bow down causing a loss of speed. If you have to adjust the nozzle low to compensate for porpoising, then you have a problem outside of the nozzle.

    Hope this helps.

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