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    X-45 Pump Assembly HELP!!!

    I am installing new bearings into my pump assembly due to mishap last summer where my stub shaft broke. I am looking for pics of how to install the pump portion with the seals and collar on stub shaft. Basically the order of the seals and collar on the stub shaft with any recommended grease uses. I ordered a new stub shaft, bearings, and orings. I was able to reuse my Stator and I bought a used wear ring on Ebay. Now I need to put all together but I want to be sure to put them all together properly. Please help as going to tackle this item tomorrow.

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    I see you joined a while back - Welcome to the Hulk

    Lots of info already posted.

    All the Polaris 148mm modular pumps use the same parts for the stator bearings and seals, and the same assembly sequence.

    Have a look here

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    This is what I was mostly concerned with: "Once the bearing and stator temps have averaged out, install the front seals. Grease the space between the two seals, and install the impeller spacer through the seals."

    I wasn't sure how the impeller spacer was placed in and if the seals were stacked. The Schematic on Partsland shows it but just wanted to be sure I was interpreting correctly.

    Thanks for your help!!!

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