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    2010 GTX-is iBR Problems

    I just got a 2010 Seadoo GTX-is Limited 260. It got 0 hours on it, when the first time I'm starting it I notice the iBR light is ON and I think there must be something wrong with it.

    After i start the engine everything looks normal, it started to creep forward like 2008 models. Well the 2010 should start in Neutral mode right ?

    Then suddenly I got error message, and I try to pull the brake lever and nothing happened. I pull again the lever and also pull the throttle lever a bit but still the craft only getting faster.

    Then I take it back to the trailer and I got some fault codes :
    UO129 or U0129
    U 16A5
    U 16A4
    Also the iBR 30A fuse is fried, then I changed it 3 times and try to run the brake on land but all the fuse got fried also.

    Can you guys give me suggestion what diagnostic should I make ? And what should I do now ?

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    You have a brand new unit with 0 hours & error codes - leave well alone, take it back- demand a new unit not a repair.... ask me how I know... LOL

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    i agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yup. That thing's cursed right from the factory probably. DEMAND diplomatically a new sled. Remind the dealer what those IS boats cost and that they shouldn't be junk right off the trailer.

    I'm starting to notice trouble on these machines on some sites. Given the extensive electronics and bells and whistles on those things all those codes and starting in motion is bad juju.

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    I had this happen yesterday. I was taking the ski out, so I docked it, got the truck and backed the trailer down. Then, when I restarted the ski, the alarm went off and the iBR light came on. I shut down the engine and restarted and it did it again. So I just loaded it. as I'm lining up the ski to the trailer, the iBR quit working and she was stuck in forward, but by then, I was good. After it was loaded, I shut down the engine and restarted and got the alarm, she started in forward.

    I bring it home and put it on the hose and it starts without alarms or issue and the iBR now works. There we no error codes either.

    I read the manual that if that happens, remove the DESS for 5 minutes and it should clear. If it keeps happening, then take it to the dealer.

    As far as your problems go, ask for a new ski. I did...

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    I solved all my problems with the iBR.. and it's not the electronic ( technically, I'll explain it later )

    Here's the story :
    After I got home, I took down all the reverse bucket finding that nothing wrong or stuck with the reverse bucket.
    And I also tested the iBR without any load ( reverse bucket off ) but the "BIG" iBR shaft still doesn't work.
    So I thought this must be the iBR motor, so I took off the iBR motor on the other side of the battery compartment.
    First I checked the all the iBR gear but nothing wrong with it so it must be the electrical.
    I noticed there's a water inlet and outlet in the iBR motor, it must be to cool off some of the electronic chip inside. So I open it and notice that there is minor crack in it.
    Then I opened the iBR electrical panel right under the crack in the water inlet, and I got maybe a half cup of water coming from in side it.
    All the chip in there are fried.

    Then.. I took picture of all the items inside it and sent it to the dealer. And 2 days later they sent me my new iBR motor.

    Plug it in and the ski running like champ now...

    So case closed I guess.. Thanks guys..

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    That's good to hear and know. I checked my fuses too and they looked good. The problem did not repeat while being flushed, so I'm going to run mine later today and see what happens.

    Can you post a pic of the iBR motor in the ski?

    Update 5/10: ran whole day without issue. Must have been a weird glitch.

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    Scarpa just out of curiosity did your check engine light come on as well and/or did the ski go in to limp mode at all? Just curious because i just bought one, I have just put 2 hours on mine and this problem has been existing the whole time....I work for a dealer...We did some tests and found the ECU to be bad....I'm thinking it may possibly be the same for yours...let me know or post up what happens out of curiosity.

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    Angry I allso got this problem after 44 hours with my ski:(

    It happend when i was going up on my trailer. Suddenly the light when on and it was impossible to brake. Not a a good feeling

    when i got the ski up i tried to put key in and then the alarm was off. I dont know yet if this will come back.
    I have run my ski 4 times(GTXis) 3 times i have had problems with it . First i had to change impeller and shaft. Then connection(splines) between them were rounded.
    After that O.P.A.S light whent on. That was because the manufacter(seadoo) had put to mush silicon in the connector to the O.P.A.S sensor....
    funny to ride but soo far to much problems.

    My RXP 2013 has gone 30hours and are back at the dealer because engine was flooded when intercooler suddenly got broken....

    soo i hadent have much luck with seadoo soo far.....

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