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    2000 Yamaha GP1200R priority

    What should my order be in doing my upgrades since I'm tryng to save some cash, Trim tabs (fixed) ,rideplate, nozzle, intake, and what I have done was Dplate, solas 13/19, R&D free flow, worx sponsons,wave eater power valve kit, I like the low end and turning and not into a top speed guy so I wanted to take my time and get everyones thoughts on what brand would fit my style so if I had to do the 4 things in order to most important what would that be from people that have gone threw the growing pains already

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    are you running premix? If not, I'd make that my number 1 thing to do.

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    Tunnel reinforcment
    seal the pump shoe
    1200 grate
    step stock sponsons

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