Texas Hydrocross 2010 Racing Info
Greetings everyone. Hope everyone had a good "offseason". Just wanted to let everyone know that the entry forms are almost done. I was trying to get them done and posted by May 1st, but end of month issues with my job prevented that one. Hopefully I will have it up on here as well as the paypal link so if you want to pay with a CC, you will be able to. And as Im sure all of you know we are running both closed course and endurance this year and we will continue to be sanctoned by the APBA.

The classes that we will be offering for 2010 is listed below.

Closed Course :

Junior 13 - 15 ski
Beginner Runabout Open
Novice Runabout Stock
Novice Runabout Stock N/A
Novice Runabout Open
Novice Runabout Open N/A
Novice Ski 800 open
Amateur Vet Runabout Open
Amateur Masters
Sport Spec
Vintage Ski 550
Pro-Am Runabout Stock
Pro-Am Runabout Stock N/A
Pro-Am Runabout Open
Pro-Am Runabout Open N/A
Pro-Am Ski 800 Open
Pro-Ski GP

For Endurance - all of the classes listed above with the exceptions of Vintage Ski 550 and Pro Ski GP will be open.

So if you havent dug out your ski's yet, get them out and blow off the dust cause it's time to go racing. Oh.....and it probably wouldn't hurt to wash those wetsuits.

If you have any questions or dont see a class that you want to run, please feel free to email myself or Hambone.

[email protected]
[email protected]