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    new and i have a question

    i bought a 97 SL1050 2 weeks ago 93 hours on it, compression is 120 +or- 2 across all 3 cylinders. put it it at my local boat ramp and let it run for 5 minutes or so, idle seemed high around 1000 rpm with the choke off and it was smoking alot, more then i would persume is normal for a 2 stroke, how much smoke should there be? and whats the correct idle speed when warm with choke off?
    did some searching on here and found this
    the red/purple to orange wire mod. my question is where are the wires located i need to swap? i have a red/purple with 2 wires going into one connector, is that the side that needs to be swapped?
    also i have a yellow wire that runs from battery negative into the balck box and is grounded to the cdi box i think. it dosent look factory, anyidea what someone was trying to do there.

    Yellow wire and where its grounded to....

    red/purple wires, what do i need to do with them?

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    The idle in the water should be 12-1300. Recheck it after a ride.
    The first start of the year will smoke a bunch if it was winterized. It should clear up after a ride.

    It looks like they replaced the original ground wire with the yellow wire. They will burn up if the ground cable doesn't have a good connection. Pull the ground cable at the engine block and clean it. Check the rest of the Black ground wires.

    My opinion.
    I wouldn't worry about the service bulletin until it has the problem described in the bulletin. My-97 has the same CDI you have and does not need bulletin.

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