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    Exclamation 2003 RXDI problem

    having problems with acceleration & power issue did a little digging my self and tested
    spark good
    coil good
    wires good

    i did find that one cylinder the injecter is dumping shit load of fuel in to the cylinder fouling the plug seems like the injecter is running wide open how do i fixed this is it just the injecter or is it part of the computer or anyone got information that would be great?

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    maybe its time to see the doctor,

    at the fuel injector clinic

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    After you deal with your Injector issues---change the Fuel Filter (your root cause)



    Yes, I know this is an '01 diagram but the '02 and '03 DI Fuel System diagrams do not show the Fuel Filter part number--it's the same Filter though--I have replaced several over the years.

    They can create a variety of problems with fuel pressure and delivery issues on the DI injection systems when they clog which they usually start restricting flow around 80 hours +/- depending on fuel quality.

    Also, be sure to use double clamps just like the diagram shows or you'll have a genuine Kodak moment....

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    may be not his root cause, it might be bad injectors.
    as for the filters, change all three or just the external and at least give the ones on the pump a good clean

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    I signed up for this forum just to post my experience. My 2003 RX-DI just turned over 100-hrs and experienced the same issue as you. Loss of power, and it looked like my back cylinder was running really rich; it was fouling plugs all the time. I couldn't track down what was going on until it left me stranded at the end of last season and I had to rebuild the top end because a piece of piston ring broke off.

    If you can, do a compression test. Unfortunately, I never did until it was too late. My theory is that my piston rings were going bad, turned, eroded, or something, and I wasn't getting good compression in that cylinder. Without good compression, I wasn't getting a good burn, and that's what gave the appearance of it running really rich. Seriously, the plug would come out of the hole looking wet, like the injector was just dumping fuel in it.

    However, after I rebuilt the top end, I've been running on the same injectors. The ski runs fine and the spark plugs have been coming out a nice color. So the injectors were OK. I also checked my fuel filters and I hooked up a make-shift pressure gauge up to my fuel rail and it read fine. I'm still running on the same filters.

    The bad pistons I pulled from my ski showed signs of detonation; I believe from bad or old gas. I think this caused piston ring failure, which created bad compression, which lead to a bad burn and "running rich" looking plugs.

    My recommendation is to do a compression test before you start throwing money at the problem (like a new injector and filters). You might turn something up and save yourself grief in the near future.

    Best of luck.

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    i did a compression test its not great but it the same in both cylinders i took the injectors out and put the key on and one was spraying and the other was like a hose fuel was pooring out of it

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    compression test done 95 in both everytime

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXDI2003 View Post
    compression test done 95 in both everytime

    Did you hold the throttle in the WOT position while cranking? If not that will affect your readings.

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    its only running on one cylinder spark is good plugs are good it seems like the sea doo is starving for air or something along those lines really could use some help on figuing out why and how the motor is not getting the air

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    i did some more digging with motor checking the rave valves there good cause the motor sounded like it was laking air and one cylinder was getting way too much fuel so i switched air controler and injector still same problem so i check the reeds and turns out one is broke so changing all 4 we will see so its not lacking air its getting too much and bogging the motor out witch make the injector dump more fuel

    anyways thanks guys for everything

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