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    2004 Fx 1100 ho bogging.

    Please any help is appreciated.
    I just purchased an 04 FX 1100 HO with only 68 hours on it. The first ride i got nothing out of it, maybe 10 miles per hour, but then occasionally it would pick up and take off for a few seconds only to bog down again. I replaced the plugs and added a little oil as there was only a small amount on the dipstick also added a fuel stabilizer.. Tried it again, it was a little better but not much, still running about 10 mph, bogging and then occasionally taking the fuel again. Next thing i did was i drained all gas out of the tank, thinking it was water in the fuel. Then added about 3 gallons (10 liters) of fuel with gas line antifreeze. Let it sit for a day and filled the tank with supreme 91 octane fuel. Tried the ski, worked fine for about 10 mins running about 38 mph, still not getting full power, but much better. Then, it died again, with the same issue. Very sluggish, not backfiring or anything, just no power. Then it picked up again and ran fine for about another 20 mins. Then it died again and never picked up the fuel again. Today i checked the inline air filter for the vent, the one with the drain in the bottom, not a drop of water or dirt. I did notice about 2-3 inches of water in the bottom of the hull due to one of the drain plugs being left out, my fault!! Is there a way this water could have made it into the fuel??
    It was suggested there might be dirt or still a bit of water in the bottom of the pump? Or could be an electrical problem or maybe a sticking valve. I am not sure the history of the ski, if it has been serviced/ sunk or the previous history of it. Any suggestions will be extremely appreciated. The ski came from New Jersey, and i towed it to Newfoundland, Canada. Thanks in advance.

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    i would start with the fuel system as you already had some results there
    drain the tank pull the fuel pump and clean the filters trace the rest of the lines the whole way cleaning as you go
    also check all the injectors they have litle filters in the top as well


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    So its been about a month now and still have had no success with this pwc. I have drained out all gas three times, pulled the pump, dismantled the pump and checked the filter inside all appears ok. I do not know where else to turn. Please any help is greatly appreciated. I did not check filters on the injectors. This is how the pwc is acting...running about 12 mph at full throttle, then suddenly it will get maximum of 36mph. When i go full throttle it will bog down again, no power , shuts off as soon as i let go of the throttle, wont idle properly.

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    The water in the hull will not get in the fuel tank. That jet should run about 58 - 59mph. 36 is way off. the fuel antifreez most likly is alcohol not the best idea on a jet. If the water trap above the tank had no water in it then there has not been water the engine. Check the plug wires to make shure they are connected and on the correct plug, ie #1 is the front, #2 the next etc. the ho's will run about 40 ish with one plug wire off. Pull the spark plugs, they should be the same color. If not the wet or dark plugs came from a cylinder that is not combusting well. Check compression if you have the tools. Check the spark using a spark checker or something similar.

    Most likley its something simple thats not correct. Sounds like this happens most of the time. If it runs best while cold it most likely electric. If it runs best hot its most likley fuel. Look for loose hoses especialy in the fuel throttle bodies. If it was in Nashville I would hook it up to my YDS and the jet will tell you whats wrong with it.

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    Yes thats correct, this happens all the time. Cannot get any good out of the jet. Thinking about bringing it to the local yamaha shop tomorrow. Its not just a cold running engine or a hot running engine, its constant. Some days it will run better when hot and then the next time it will run better when cold.

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    You mentioned the speed of the ski being slow but does the engine rev freely?
    Try running it without the seat. It will be noisy but it will tell you if you have an exhaust leak into the hull that starves the engine of air. If it still doesn't run then take the airbox and air filter off. That will eliminate any problems in the air filter.

    I have had the same problem but it was to do with something wedged in between the impellor blades stopping water flow through the pump. Worth a look.

    It may also have a shot the bearing in the jet pump. Get under the ski and grab the prop shaft to see of there is any lateral movement in it.

    It's a process of elimination until you fine the cause.

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    The engine do not rev freely...bogging as if only running on a couple cylinders, except occassionally when it is running relatively fine, 36 mph that is. When its running at 12 mph, the rpm stays low as well.

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    id say its fuel delivery problem
    if it sat for a while im may have bad injectors
    i have a set of throttle bodys w all 4 injectors if it comes to that
    where are you located? if close by we could drop them in and give it a try


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    ski is in yamaha shop. Wires they claim are broken to one injector. Two dark spark plugs and two white ones. Newharness they claim is $500 canadain. Then they claim two throttle bodies are sticking open slightly. There is a safety recall on this in U.S. but not canada and since its a U.S. ski it may not be covered by warranty. They claim $2500 for the parts required.
    Is there anyone who had this issue. Anyone with any advice.

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    Hey jason thanks for the offer but i am located in Newfoundland, Canada. So way too far from your location to try that. But what is the throttle body/injector complete unit worth, i may have to consider buying from the U.S.

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