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    Clamp around water regulator bellow

    I looked inside my regulator cap and noticed water after riding last weekend. I bought a new rubber bellow and was removing the bottom clamp (small c clamp on the bellow) and it snapped on me. I was wondering if there is something better i could replace that clamp with then that small c clamp which is hard as hell to get back on in such a small space. Any ideas? the metal clamp which holds the bellow to the cap at the top is still in perfect condition,

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    Those Spring Clamps are notorious for cutting into the underside of the Bellows when they rust--and since they are *not* SS,, they rust often---Dont replace it with another of the same. Use a thin Tie Wrap---used them for years, they will work fine.


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    exactly the type of answer i was looking for! Thanks a lot! that was what i thought about using but i didnt know if they would be strong enough to hold

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