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    engine compartment trouble

    So I was out today and when I got back in and was going to flush the ski I reached in to get my lanyard out of the glove box and dropped the yellow sea doo whistle into the hull. Its under they engine and I can not even see it.

    Is this a big problem or something I should be concerned about?

    Any recommendations on getting it out?

    thanks in advance

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    A few of ideas:

    Try a coat hanger w/ hook/curve in the end to see if you can grab if from under the front of the motor.

    Have a small child handy? Or a petite woman? Small arms and hands may work (My neighbors 6 yr. old fished a fallen wrench out for me during a SC removal).

    Finally, tilt the ski up from the front of the trailer, pull the bilge plugs and try to flush it to the back w/ water from a garden hose.

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    i second putting small children to work.

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    thanks for the help guys didn't even thing of using the hose...Ill let you know how it goes.

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    Well I solved the problem it was wedged really far under the front of the motor got it with my arm shoulder deep in the hull from the port side... A question for you guys, do most flush there engine compartment with fresh water hose after every ride in salt water then spray with xps?

    thanks again

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