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    HALF of engine is HOT?

    '89 SP - 587 Yellow engine. When I run it for a few minutes in the driveway (with hose attached), the PTO side of the engine stays cool to the touch, but the MAG (front) side of the engine is very hot to the touch. Is that normal? If not, what is the likely culprit?

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    sand in cylinders

    seen this before on the early model skis....

    after a point back flushing won't force it'll need to pul the head and carefull clean out the worst of it.

    befoer you pull the ehad however, you want to make sure all the cooling hoses and fittingsa re actually cealr of debris...water takes a different route thru the engine when using the flush fitting.

    as an experient use the inlet hose from the jetpump to feed the water in..that's a good way to check the water flow thru the entire system.

    Grease the driveline bearings well if you are running on the hose a bit too.

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