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    Talking Spark Plug Question

    Kawi Owners - I have a 2008 Ultra 250X and I need to replace the Spark Plugs. Does anyone out there who uses their ski alot who can recommend which NGK is Best? I believe the plugs that are in there are the NGK B8ES stock Number 2411.

    Are these the best?

    I seem to go thru plugs every 15-20 hours. Is this Normal? My machine becomes sluggish and as it warms up - then rides normal when plugs have more then 20 hours on them. I have 53 hours on my ski and I'm on my 3rd set of plugs already. I ride hard most of the time. Engine was broken in as recommended in manual.

    Please advise - Thanks!
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    best plugs

    are the ones that came with the ski..if you can get platinum versions of those plugs..those are "better' but are uber pricey

    for example an BR9eS plug lists for $2.97..the platium version Br9EiX lists for <cough> $10.37

    you need a better grade of fuel or check to see if you've overfilled the oil a bit.

    my book doesn't show any kaw ski of that year using B8es..all kaw skis use resitor if you've been jacking the wrong plug in there..THAT's the problem!

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    Thanks Pete -Then what is the correct plug number to be using? I don't want to spend alot of $$$ for a plug but I also want to get the most out of my performance. Is there a Plug number that I should be ordering? Dealer was charing $25.00 a plug!

    If you or anyone out there has a good plug that they recommend - I'd be willing to listen to your suggestions.


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    SSSSEEEAAARRRCCCHHHHHHH...................... This question has been asked 1000000 times, come on people......Im about like the rest in here, it gets old seeing the same ole question asked again and again........

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    Thanks Drew - I see the PMR9B are the correct Plugs based on the website you provided - this helps me alot. I see you live in NJ. I used to Live in Orange County, NY and moved to Jacksonville, FL 3 years ago.

    You can ride down here longer than 3-4 months like in NJ/NY area. Moved here just for that reason! Love my ULTRA 250X. Thanks again for your help!

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