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    Strage tales of the unreal

    So i get this phone call today.... from a guy looking to get a kaw immobilizer key made. He's lost the fast one, but still has the slo one. I was lucky enough to acquire the requried bit to do this, I actually haven't made one myself yet ( but I'm ready too if need be....)

    Great, I tell him, you're in luck, I can make a new key, just bring the ski and your slo key in.

    "I can't"


    "it's already at a Kawasaki dealer. I was hoping you could call them and tell them how to make the key, they can't sem to figure it out"

    How long has it been there?

    "two weeks"

    <<thud>>( that's the sound of me falling out of my cheap crap office chair)

    So I check out the dealer on the web and it's a HUGE place..I mean HUGE. Too bad it's over 1000 miles chance I'll ever see this ski over at my place

    and the shop techs can't figure out how to make a key?

    what's up with dat?

    anyhow I thought you folks might get a slight chuckle out of that..I feel bad for the guy..but I'm not about to call the dealer and walk the guys thru the procedure..specially since I actually haven't done one yet.

    I've had my hands on two of these newer skis for witnerizing, but I didn't dare try the keymaker out, as it wipes out all programmed keys when you start it up.

    maybe this seaon.....

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    oh kawi dealers when will you learn... lol


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