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    04 Polaris MSX 110

    I've looked at past threads on this forum and read the 04 polaris msx turbos have a lot of problems with them. I have a couple of trade offers for my project car I had lying around for the last 2 years (mostly 98-99 seadoos and yamahas). I got an offer last night for a 2004 polars msx-110, would you guys take it? I barely paid anything for the car so thts not a issue. 27 hours, winterized, flushed after use, and kept in a heated garage. the guy told me he is taking it to the shop to get de winterized and I can test drive it next weekend. What things should I look out and listen for? I am a newbie and know nothing about ski's whatsoever. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Click the link below - lots of good info.

    You will have to dig some to find all the Weber engine related material. Use Search on here

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