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    rotary valve oil line busted. engine ran around lake for 20 min...

    thought it was the rave valve leaking but found the oil line busted. the line was from the bottom of the carb connected to somewhere underneeth the rave and exhaust tube couldnt see where, do i have to take the exhaust off to see the lines? if i redo the line and add oil i should be ok? compression is 150 on each and check rave bellows and cleaned them a lil.

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    what motor? 787?

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    Quote Originally Posted by airbornexp View Post
    what motor? 787?

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    Your picture posted looks like the 14mm Supply Oil Bath Line to the Rotary Valve Shaft Cavity. If there was Oil still in the bottom of the line on the Carb. side then the Oil Bath didn't completely drain out and you should be OK.

    If that is not a large Oil Line then you need a better picture for us to guess what it is. No Oil lines connect directly to the Carbs. but the Rotary Valve Oil Bath Supply and Return Lines connect to the engine under the Carbs (supply) and backside beneath the Cylinders (return).

    See diagram for routing >>
    (connects to Nipple ITEMS #21)

    ----through ITEMS #17 Supply Lines >>>


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    so i join the hose that was ruptured back together and add some oil. this picture was after i ran it in the water about 5 min. the 4 inch air pocket went clockwise from left to right. first 30 seconds engine sounds good then after the engine bay gets smokey and it doesnt run at full rpm and sounds like weed wacker. =/

    my front bellow is still leakin oil after i changed the gasket.

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