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    Exclamation Need opinions , Jug for 1050 1998

    The wifes gonna Freak!
    This ski has been hydrolocked and the rear jug is broken. Who has a 1050 jug? and how many dollars?

    The ski will start on the other two cylinders. I havent checked compression yet on the other two cylinders. Im not sure how long, how much water the crank was exposed to. This happened less than a week ago.

    This ski is mine for $500
    Is it a project or a parts Ski ? Mfd looks great and has what appears to be a compass display as well, Reverse , extended ride plate, sponsons.

    I would need at least 1 jug just to make a good core.??
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    looks nice! but you will probably need a crank.. if it was hydrolocked enough too break a jug.. there might be rust on the bearings so your going to need too tear the hole thing down!

    idk if you bought it or not but if you havent well and if you have.. check out the pump and go from there as well

    more will chime in im assuming!

    good looking boat! 500 bucks might be a tad high im not too sure.. i spent 1k on mine with the parts needed to put back together in it, for a 3 seater i love it alot! mines a 97 but looks just like that

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    More Pics

    I can pick it up today, if rusted Im guessing the rust can be polished off if not too pitted ? (crank)
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    If the crank is rusted at all the needle bearings will fail in a very short time if you try to run it. They become pitted and will wear quickly under running conditions. I had one fail on an old mercury outboard that had been stored in a damp basement. The motor ran perfect the first few times I ran it but didnt last more than 2 tanks of gas before one of the needles got jammed between the transfer port and piston. You dont want to deal with any of that.

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    If it was defineately hydrolocked and exposed to water, the entire engine needs to be torn down at a minimum. Most likely it will need crank work, so factor that in to your decision. Not what you want to hear, but it needs to be done. To do everything right, you're looking at a fairly hefty bill.

    However, with that being said, if the rest of the ski is in primo condition, I would scoop that up for 500 bones in a heartbeat..... the rest of needs to be prety darn nice though.

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    Buy it.

    I bought a '96 SLTX for $500 last year....same problem - melted piston and the crank was shot.

    I have about $1100 total in to it and that's a new crank, new platinum pistons and bored jugs.

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