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Thread: 215 hp GTI!

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    215 hp GTI!

    Chek out seadoos site, 07 GTI SE with a 155 or 215hp combo!!

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    yea but go to the display of the watercraft with all the + in boxes.

    the engine one says 130HP or 155HP.

    Im lost here

    Do they have 3 engine options?

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    check the specs page too.

    it says engine option either 130ponies or 155ponies

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    its either 130 or 155 . they also made mistake on 3d saying it comes with 4-tec. They obviously hit the bottle before typing it all out...

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    We are posting simultaneusly on the same topic!

    I think the two options are:


    There was a typo mistake!!!

    That is all!!!

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    the guys from the shop i work at that went to da dealer show
    said 110or100 then 130 then 155

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    They fixed the listing, its 130 or 155hp....

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    rental boat

    i found out today there is a third gti it makes 100hp it is for rental purposes
    but a 155 gti man that boat will be fast due to how light it is

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    I can understand why there are so many mistakes on the new model spec sheet....everyone who goes to the dealer party usually gets blown away...booze flows so freely that who cares what the hp is, or the weight, or the new features !!


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