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Thread: L mode flashing

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    Angry L mode flashing

    Did any one faced the same problem I was going out on my Yamaha fx-sho 08 and the L mode was flashing and the rpm was only 5000 no more even with a full throttle I checked the remote key and was un locked every thing look fine any help plz and this is the first time happened to me

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    Well, I'm probably reading your question wrong but on my 09s I can lock and unlock the ski seperate from the L mode. You use different buttons. I have a hell of a time getting the dam thing out of L mode every time I accidentally put it in that mode playing with the buttons. Patience is the key here. Yamaha designers were too busy celebrating that they finished the skis and were drunk off their ass when they programed the remote control logic.
    Keep trying.. It'll come out of L mode.
    My Skis are a FZS and VXcruiser but I'm sure the SHO is similar to those 2.

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    i think you have to hold down the unlock button untill it beeps. takes like 5 seconds. But L mode shouldnt be blinking so that might be another issue.

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