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    FX HO Mods for Better Handling?

    Looking for improved handling for a 2008 FX HO. I don't really care about a speed increase. Would like better cornering, and a better rough water ride. What kind of improvement can I expect from an intake grate and sponsons upgrade? What about the ride plate? RIVA, R&D or other?


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    Anybody know if this ski uses a 3 degree or a 5 degree pump nozzle?

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    i think it has 5 deg.

    as for better handling there is really only 3 things

    sponsons , ride plate(longer), and scoop grate
    sponsons , i don't have a preference
    ride plate , i liked the way the riva plate rode in the rough , you could even shim the back of the plate down for beter handling in the rough
    i had the front of mine shimed for more speed and i found it still good to ride
    scoop grate i tried a few ,RIVA, R&D,Solas
    i didn't find there was enough difference to feel while riding , so any of the 3 would do
    a beter impellor may help as well , i had a solas 14/20 and found it quite good


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    Kev made some good suggestions and got me thinking so I went back and added a Part 3 to my ski handling thread. Part 3 makes some suggestions assuming cornering is your primary goal.

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    Thanks for the help. If there is not a huge difference in performance, I'm looking at the R&D ride plate and grate, and the RIVA sponson kit, since this will be the cheapest route.

    Anyhow, thanks again for your input!

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    Added an R&D intake grate and pump seal kit and it made cornering much improved - dramatically reduced cavitation.

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